Client Reviews

Nick has a good balance of financial rigour and pragmatic commercial sense, strong work ethic and teamwork.” 

Karl – Managing Director (Art Industry)

“The first thing to mind is that Nick is very reliable, just gets on with things and sorts things out. He is a very good coach and was there to support me but also let me to do some of the tasks myself so I learned. I thought that was a very good approach and helped me to learn the tasks much faster. Nick is a nice person, easy to talk to, but at the same time can challenge people in a positive way.  

Nick is very commercial and highlights potential risks. Nick has a lot to offer clients.” 

Soheila – (Online Media)

“Nick was always focused on what the issue was. Tried to understand what I was trying to get to and worked collaboratively with me and other stakeholders to get to it. 

What particularly impressed me was the ease of working with you and that you didn’t get phased by set-backs, just got stuck in. You didn’t try to cut corners or embellish facts, which gave me a strong sense of trust in your analysis. The product/pricing model you put together was my bible.

In terms of skills I valued – Nick cut through some quite ugly data to get to the truth, when many would have given up or fabricated it to deliver something. Again, that built a lot of trust for me. Nick is a real team player which is vital, because no one can do it alone. Nick wasn’t phased by sitting in front of Board members and giving an opinion which held a lot of sway.

The acid test for me is “would I use the services again” – the answer is squarely YES.”

Ryan – Director (Hospitality Industry)

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Nick. Nick has a wealth of knowledge and experience in modelling, forecasting and analysis, and beside his expertise, attention to detail, reliability and patience, he is a real team player and a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend Nick highly enough.”

Audrey – Head of Sales (Media)

“During his times with us, Nick demonstrated a great combination of technical skills , passion, dedication and strive for excellence which made him an invaluable member of the Planning team.

Nick provided financial projections and analysis for the new product launches and supported the business with valuable insights . His work was consistently excellent, and therefore I recommend him highly.”

Natalia – Director (Food industry)

“I worked with Nick for a number of years in the Financial Services industry for a boutique audit services company in London. I regard Nick as a very focused and engaged individual who is reliable, autonomous, yet empathetic and can bring teams together. He is analytically minded with good business acumen. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick’s services.”

Charles – Director (Financial Services)

“It was a great opportunity to work with Nick. His ability to manage expectations as well as personalities was formidable. It’s a good trait to have as deadlines loomed – he was always calm and collected under pressure. I saw this while I had my own queries for him in relation to cash projections for following year. He would get back to me very swiftly.”

Jay – (Journalism)

“Nick is very personable and a good communicator. He is Good at articulating and presenting complex financial information to non-finance people. Always very accurate with the numbers.”

Christian – Director (Gaming Industry)

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